Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Snippety, Snip…?


Pathetic. This is nothing more than a transparent move to get the Cadman tape out of circulation.

Speaking of doctored tapes, the “Conservatives” are quite expert on the subject, aren’t they? Buckets of Grewel, anybody?

Update: “And—there goes James Moore, leaving a roomful of vaguely hostile journalists in his wake, all asking much the same question of each other, now that he’s gone: How does this change what the Prime Minister allegedly said? What was added, or taken away, or otherwise “manipulated” so as to alter the meaning of his words?” More from Kady O’Malley’s live blogging of today’s pointless presser.

Update2: CPC toady Stephen Truckler has the “supporting documents” of the Tories injunction. You don’t have anything better to do than wade through all 336 pages, do you?