Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby Bible Bashers: Part 1 & 2

After watching this series of videos it’s hard not to side with Richard Dawkins’ contention that the indoctrination of children in the teachings of religion is a form of child abuse. Of course, these are extreme examples, much in the same way as the frighteningly zealous “God warriors” portrayed in the film “Jesus Camp” are, but they exist nonetheless and may perhaps be more prevalent than we might first think.

This notion of “child abuse” is one that, quite frankly, I still have some degree of difficulty coming to terms with, and certainly the backlash from the “faith community” has been one of furious outrage and indignation. A Google search on the topic will rapidly produce a balance of postings at least 50 to 1 from infuriated believers who find the whole idea insulting, “completely stupid” or otherwise beneath contempt.

Well, I’m not convinced by their acrimonious protestations. Funnily enough, in many of them, it seems there’s a good deal of moral relativism involved; the argument being that there are plenty of worse forms of “child abuse” (which undoubtedly there are, but it’s beside the point) or that, on balance, the benefits of religious indoctrination outweigh any conceivable downside. What benefits accrue from such teachings escapes me… a moral code, one presumes. But surely this is something that can be nurtured quite independent of religion.

Anyway, be amazed… and horrified.

Note: The video quality is a bit dodgy in parts.

h/t: Dave!