Monday, February 18, 2008

Persepolis Recreated

Starting with the work of the German scholar Friedrich Krefter, who spent decades creating a model for a reconstructed Persepolis, film maker Farzin Rezaian and his team have produced a documentary that presents a virtual reconstruction of parts of the Persepolis palace complex. The film that includes commentaries by many of the leading authorities on Achaemenid architecture and history, brings to life and reveals the splendour of the Persepolitan palace complex before its destruction by Alexander the Great.

Please take note the Blogging Tory (that I won’t name to spare him embarrassment) who boldly said these completely hilarious words last month: “Tribal wars between pagan peoples had made the peoples of the Middle East unable to rise up as a unified force and create an empire as had the peoples of Rome, Constantinople, and Cairo.” Uh-huh.