Friday, February 8, 2008

David Cameron: Toff at the Top - Part 1

Great documentary film by political commentator Peter Hitchens that, to quote the intro to the Google video (which is no longer available for some mysterious reason) "casts a critical eye over the meteoric rise to prominence of Conservative Party leader David Cameron,tracing his aristocratic roots and Eton education, from his exploits with Oxford University's raucous Bullingdon Club to his astonishingly swift rise through Tory ranks."

Hitchens condems Cameron's opportunistic move to the center/left since becoming leader and decries the lack of any genuinely conservative choice in British poltiics (the BNP notwithstanding). Hitchens views Cameron's social, educational, and foreign policies as being indistinguishable from Blair's. To further emphasize this point, he often refers to the two men in tandem as "Mr. Clair and Mr. Blameron". Gee, kind of like our own Liberal and Conservative Parties...

Note that most of the sections of this YouTube film have a somewhat annoying watermark from the software used to create them, so you have to kind of just look past that.Oh and yes, in case you didn't already know and were wondering, he is the younger brother of Christopher Hitchens.