Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tales of the Obvious: Siss-Boom-Bah!

Too funny. Here's that nasty curr, Canadian Cynic predicting the reaction of Joanne (she, of the utterly pointless "Journey" to some insufferably dismal intellectual terminus) earlier today:

"Now that commenter Ti Christophe over at JoJo's has pointed out that there is no abortion-breast cancer connection and even left a link for substantiation, it should be entertaining to watch how whimsically the airheads over there dismiss it. And they will dismiss it, of course -- God forbid that one of them actually responds with, "Hmmm ... I wasn't aware of that, I'll look into it."

And, c'est voila! Here's JoJo responding to scientific evidence provided that her specious claims about a link between breast cancer and abortion are completely unfounded: "Of course that doesn't mean that abortion is totally without risks. The Pro-choice camp seems to minimize it in my opinion - especially emotional issues... I promise to check everything out carefully afterwards when I get a chance."

The Blogging Tories: ultra-fucking-maroons, ladies and gentlemen. Almost without exception, each and every one of them.