Monday, March 3, 2008

Patrick Ross: Caped Crusader! (Updated)

How interesting

“This isn’t about playing nice with people who won't play by the same rules — it’s about forcing them to, whether they like it or not.

We’ve already revealed a few of them. And if others don’t clean up their act, more will follow.”

Well goody then. I’m sure we’ll soon be seeing the full identities of many right-wing bloggers such as “Joanne” at “Blue Like You” and Fred over at “Gay and Right,” along with “Canadian Sentinel,” and the infamous “Neo” at the “Halls of Macademia,” not to mention a whole pile of others revealed for all to see and publicly scrutinize for whatever purpose seen to be fit, right?

Update: Well, here’s a brilliant new twist for you… In his latest attempt to feebly justify his wild overreaction, Mike Brock now contends that is was the fact that Beemer was using a “work computer” and posting from his place of employment that made him fair game for attempting to ruin his career. Apparently, that’s the “the nuance that everyone is missing.” Um, yeah. Whatever. Bad enough that he shifted the goalposts of his argument by suggesting there was a “contract” involved and, not only that, but an “implied contract” (just to vaguely fuzzify things a bit more), and then obfuscate about the way his new blog software handles “anonymous” comments so… you know… they’re not really anonymous and no sensible person in their right might should have ever taken his plain offer to comment anonymously at face value. And blah, blah, blah…

Also, while visiting Mr. Ross’ Toilet of Assholery, it’s learned that mentioning the act of fellatio is apparently somehow “homophobic” in nature. Way to miss the point by a few million light years. No, the vulgar allegation suggested by Beemer was clearly and quite obviously one of sycophancy; an expression that has long been associated with “sucking dick” because of the inherently submissive connotations common to both acts. Are these people really so profoundly ignorant as to not realize this simple relationship?