Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tales from the Service Economy: Pooper Scoopers

Worried about the impending financial tailspin? Err, wait… I mean “recession”… or should that be an “economic slowdown”? Well, whatever. That whole creeping rust-belt syndrome that’s hollowing out our manufacturing sector thanks to skyrocketing oil prices, tanking of the sub-prime housing market, the sinking dollar, the offshoring of jobs to the third-world and burgeoning communist superpowers like China… You know, all that scary stuff that Lou Dobbs incessantly rattles on about.

Well, stop your needless fretting unskilled worker bees, because there are plenty of jobs in the new “service economy”! No, not engineering, computer programming or complex stuff like that requiring education in science and the maths… I mean like the latest new growth industry in the amazing “World of the Future” service sector — cleaning up the turds left behind by the pets of busy-on-the-go professionals of our brilliant “asset class” who don’t have time to bother with pesky details like cleaning up their own dogshit.