Saturday, April 12, 2008

Investing to Solve Global Warming

Why are so many of today’s so-called “Conservatives” completely out to lunch when it comes to the issue of global warming and the environment? Moreover, why are they incapable of appreciating the economic possibilities of green technology and alternative energy sources?

Witness the perennially dim-witted “Blogging Tory” Mike McGuire (he of the delusion that Pictou, Nova Scotia is a “Socialist Gulag”) who seems deeply offended for some bizarre reason by the fact that Al Gore actually stands to make money from his investments in various green technology firms. Imagine... the horror! Because rather than simply acting out of “magnanimous good will” he’s a free market capitalist who may quite shamelessly profit from putting his money where his mouth is, this presumably makes him some sort of nefarious hypocrite. Of course, if his investments were in traditional “non-green” companies (Exxon, let’s say) the same bunch of idiots would be shrieking about his hypocrisy. Perhaps Mike simply objects to him making money... period.

So what is it exactly that these “Conservative” deadbeats have against free enterprise, ethical investments, and making money anyway?