Sunday, April 6, 2008

So It Begins, Teh Stupid!

Oh dear, not another crusade against the dreaded “MSM”… Is there ever a month that doesn’t go by when some witless right-wing goober doesn’t launch one of the dismally pathetic campaigns to expose the alleged vicious “liberal” bias against the pitiable, victimized “Conservatives”?

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!

Last time it was Sandy Crock… whose dimly lit quest into the “Dark Side” of media bias simply ended up being fodder for much hilarity. Now, it’s the even more phenomenally dense “Hunter” who’s off tilting at the big, bad media that are, she says, “too stupid to understand that they are awakening those that have slumbered.” Judging by her first effort, she’d be better off just going back to sleep.

How thick is “Hunter”? Well, if she’s going to be called a “knuckle-dragger” by Bob Fife (which she presumes refers to a “prehistoric monster” for some odd reason) then she wants to be analogous to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Of course most reasonably intelligent people know that the expression refers to apes or cavemen, not dinosaurs. Even so, it obviously never occurred to her the T-Rex with its notably tiny forelimbs would be an especially poor choice for knuckle-dragging.

Conservatives in their natural habitat

Okay, so she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, let’s look at a couple of examples of “bias” shall we? First up, she’s angry that the identity of the person who released the Lukiwski hasn’t been disclosed, but she’s heard a rumour that it may have been former NDP minister Pat Atkinson. She therefore decides to “look at her record” which to “Hunter” consists of highlighting one letter from the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce to Atkinson when she was Finance Minister that was highly critical of the government’s so-called productivity agenda. From this, and this alone, she deduces that Atkinson (who may not even be involved at all, remember) is “incompetent” and “she couldn’t care less.” And her “proof” for these baseless assertions? Because “Saskatchewan is booming under the Saskatchewan Party.” Huh? Good grief, have you ever heard such a catastrophically stupid, illogical line of reasoning? The new government has only been in office about four months… does she think the provincial economy was in the gutter or spiraling downward before that? What a delusional, clueless idiot. And THIS jumble of harebrained nonsense is supposed to demonstrate “media bias” against the “Conservatives”?

Her second example of “bias” relates to a story about Harper paying his respects at the Auschwitz concentration camp is laughably feeble. “CTV did not allow any comments, even though they allowed people to comment endlessly on the Lukiwski story,” she whines. Of course, she doesn’t point out that there are many stories that CTV doesn’t open up to comments. I have no idea what their policy is that determines which are or aren’t open to comments, and neither does “Hunter” I’m quite sure. She’s also ticked off that with regards to the same story, “The Globe and Mail, allowed only 43 comments then they closed comments, they also erased the picture of PM Harper kneeling to pray for the Holocaust victims.” So what? They close off comments arbitrarily and change pictures all the time; again, there never seems to be much rhyme or reason to it. Why doesn’t she write to them and ask why instead of jumping to conclusions?

And on it goes with even more feeble and tenuously supported examples that could easily be refuted but aren’t worth the time bothering. Maybe if “Hunter” truly wants to understand how “media bias” works she should watch the documentary posted above. But of course she won’t because it’s easier to just continue nurturing her paranoid conspiracy theories about the “liberal media” and moaning like a gut-shot dog. It’s what “Teh Blogging Tories” do best, it seems.