Sunday, May 25, 2008

In God’s Name (Part 3)

The ubiquitous Stephen Green and his band of Christian fanatics are back… this time protesting the construction of a mosque in east London. After once again showing reluctance about being filmed, he prays that the BBC journalist “wouldn’t end up in that lake of fire” then decides he wants to be in the program after all, allowing the crew to join his group picketing gay events. According to Green, divine retribution for “sins” such as homosexuality will come in the form of Islam and steady shift in demographic balance due to the higher reproductive rates amongst Mooslims that will ultimately enable them to achieve a political takeover of Britain. “And if that isn’t going to be judgment of God, I don’t know what will be,” concludes Green.

Meanwhile, LCF’s Andrea Williams has her knickers in a twist over the issue of “animal human hybrids” that she purports will be the outcome of the Labour government’s proposed Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. In fact, her primary objective is just to utilize the bill as a means of getting the abortion laws tightened. To that end, we see her and other representatives of pro-life groups meeting with the Conservative peer Lord Tebbitt to pass along an amendment that she’s conveniently prepared for him to table in the House of Lords. Then, it’s off to deal with her court battle on behalf of a magistrate who resigned in protest at a new law allowing gay couples to adopt children. The LGF (funded in this case by the American Christian legal advocacy group Alliance Defense Fund) has encouraged him to file a complaint with an employment tribunal on the premise that he was “forced” to resign because of his religious convictions.