Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In God’s Name (Part 5)

Does one of the leaders of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship share the extreme view that Islam is the work of the devil? Essentially, yes. According to Andrea Williams, it’s a “false religion” because it rejects Christ (by implication then all other religions are “false” and therefore works of evil) and to that end she arranges a conference called “Understanding Islam” where we learn from a former Muslim that the Islamic faith is based on hate and that it’s followers are “brainwashed” and “indoctrinated” — all said without the slightest trace of irony.

Then it’s back to another demonstration against the Human Fertilisation Embryology Bill that’s finishing its passage through the House of Lords before heading to the Commons where Andrea is now focusing her lobbying activities, working closely “as part of the team” with the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries (Mid-Beds) who leads the anti-abortion movement in parliament. Again, the LCF and other Christian pressure groups are writing the anti-abortion amendments for the MPs to put forward.

Dawn Primarolo, the UK’s Public Health minister, has accused MPs such as Dorries of having a hidden agenda which aims ultimately to prevent all terminations. “Those seeking to reduce the time limit have made it clear it’s because they don’t support abortions. I don’t think this has any place in the Bill. If they are honest they are saying they don’t like abortion. They want to prevent it and see gradually changing the time limit as the way to do it. This Bill is important and frankly, it’s been hijacked,” said Primarolo last week.