Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Little Late Night Paranoia

If you thought RFID credit cards were secure... think again!

This inexpensive hack ($8 on eBay) is really quite astounding. The idea that a passer-by’s ass could be casually “swiped” and their AmEx card info stolen, or better yet, that an entire room full of cardholders could have their information quickly and efficiently gathered by an enterprising identity thief is pretty amazing.

Ain’t the future grand?

p.s. Keep this in mind when the government comes along and tries to sell you on the notion of a universal identity card (that always feature RFID) which, given the way border security and various “anti-TERRA” measures are heading these days, they surely will before too long. This isn’t much of an issue here yet, but it most certainly is in Britain... so it’s just a matter of time. Give it a few years to account for the usual lag.