Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mark Steyn & “The Duffinator”

“Now tell me about Richard Warman… We’re going to take an extra minute here because Canadians have to hear about this.” — Mike Duffy

Yeah, because the whole controversy is soooo phenomenally important and deeply concerning that it can be crammed into the afterthoughts of a sixty second appendix. Urgh.

This exchange might actually have been somewhat interesting had it involved even the slightest modicum of substantive, critical interrogation rather than quite predictably winding up being yet another opportunity for the morbidly corpulent, blubber-brained “Duffinator” to impose his own sketchy, ill-formed, down-market narrative on the discussion whilst shamelessly slavering over the pretentious mental midgetry of an unctuous, jumped-up fuckwit like Steyn.

Of course, that was just MY initial impression. Your mileage may vary.

h/t: Kate @ SDA