Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thick as a Whale Omelette

Yes, that would be our old friend “Trusty Tory” who, as was adroitly pointed out the other day, has his head “so far up Stephen Harper’s ass, [he] can’t take a breath without French-kissing one of his intestinal parasites.”

Today’s load of bollocks involves taking a quote by Garth Turner completely out of context and then waxing indignant that somehow the member from Halton isn’t telling “the TRUTH” about his eventual expulsion from The Stephen Harper Party of Canada.

So here’s the quote, in full, and I’ve bolded the part that the “Trusty” One elected to cherry-pick for the purposes of today’s puerile temper tantrum:

“Within a week of becoming an MP again, and within five minutes of my first private face-to-face meeting with Stephen Harper, I began to realize the prime minister was a chameleon. He sought to punish me for having voiced my constituents’ surprise and dismay that he would have put in his cabinet a man just elected as a Liberal and a completely unelected party financier. Within a day, his chief of staff had threatened me with expulsion from the caucus. His party whip had read me the riot act. I’d been told to issue a media release recanting my comments, and to immediately discontinue this blog. In other words, to obey.”

Now just listen to the trusty knob-gobbler’s hissy fit: “No, Garth, you were tossed because you had a big mouth. You leaked information from caucus meetings on your blog. Some of us remember, Garth, because we can read the news.”

Well, whatever’s fit to print in the Sun Media’s dog trainer, at least. What makes this so laughably pathetic is that it’s yet another example of a whole post based on a blatant untruth, with the “trusty” one all the while claiming to be a paragon of truthfulness. In this case, however, he isn’t even “truthy”… Turner makes it quite plainly clear from his post that he’s not referring to the reason he was eventually turfed from the party, but rather to the deceitful and vindictive character of the current prime minister that manifested itself almost from the outset of their awkward relationship. Of course none of that will make the slightest bit of difference to the drooling yokels and slack-jawed rubes that comprise TT’s mutual masturbation society.

Update: As Zorpheas notes, the claim about Turner leaking information from caucus meetings is itself unsubstantiated by any evidence. So not only is TT flagrantly misrepresenting Turner’s comments about why he parted ways with the “Conservatives” he’s also willfully reiterating a baseless smear. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the word “trusty” doesn’t it? Sort of like the loose employment of the terms “conservative” and “truth” I guess…