Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Small Dead Brains: On Tourism

Lost in Delisle

It’s why I do so much of my dog showing in the US right now. Not only is the competition keener, but it’s cheaper than showing in Canada — a fact that’s driven home the first time you’re charged 25 cents for filling your travel mug with coffee.

Yeah, because holiday-making is all about where you can fill your travel mug in the cheapest way possible. How utterly dismal.

Some of the reader comments from the CTV website are pretty hilarious. One writes: “Maybe the anti-American locals who leave snide notes and key US cars might consider the repercussions of their actions. The Internet is rife with such stories…” Really? I’ve never heard of a single incidence of this happening in Victoria and we’re host to millions of tourists each year, mostly Americans. Sounds more like urban legend stuff to me; quite unhelpfully propagated by Canada-haters like Kate McMillan and her minions, I might add.

Another writes “I would love to stay in Canada and travel but when I can spend $45 on a hotel in the US compared to $120 here in Canada the math is simple. Plus I can fill up for about $20 less.” What fucking planet do these wingnuts inhabit? At $4/gallon given the average gas tank holds about 15-18 gallons of gas, do the math on that claim of filling up his/her gas tank “for about $20 or less” — this person is either completely insane or an outright liar.