Friday, June 6, 2008

Mark Steyn — Douchebag of Liberty

Speaking as an actual son of the “miserable, grey, nothing, dismal, dingy, rainy island in the North Sea” as it was facetiously referred to by a certain, greasy, puffed-up, self-righteous snotwipe, I wouldn’t be disappointed in the least by any judicial rebuke that might be delivered to Mark Steyn in respect of his hateful and inflammatory diatribes in Macleans Magazine. Of course he’s entitled to his outspoken opinions in exactly the same way that Nazis, domestic terrorists and child fornicators are, but the willful incitement of paranoid hated towards an entire group of people based on their skin colour and religious beliefs is certainly deserving of similar degree of scrutiny and perhaps even legal opprobrium.

Update: In case it hadn’t occurred to anyone: “Censorship is good for book sales.”

Oh and, oops, would you look here:

The latest news on the demographics front is particularly damaging. It seems that the French birthrate is surging and those fecund Mohammedans are not the cause: “France’s National Institute of Demographic Studies has done some detailed research and concluded that France’s immigrant population is responsible for only five per cent of the rise in the birthrate and that France’s population would be rising anyway even without the immigrant population,” writes Martin Walker of UPI. That blows a mosque-sized hole in America Alone.