Monday, June 2, 2008

Tales of Cognitive Dissonance

Bloody Honor

Via the Guardian:

Five weeks ago Leila Hussein told The Observer the chilling story of how her husband had killed their 17-year-old daughter over her friendship with a British soldier in Basra. Now Leila, who had been in hiding, has been murdered - gunned down in cold blood. (Related horrific story of the original “honour killing” here.)

Hysterical crackpot Pam Geller is fuming mad: “The brutal killer, the father, was then allowed to walk free from the police station. Is this what we spent all our blood and treasure for? Where is feminist outrage? Where are the damn womens groups, the leftards, the commies, the socialists, all the full-of-shitniks?”

For some reason Geller seems willfully oblivious to the fact that numerous “lefty” blogs (here and here as just two quick examples) have expressed outrage about this, that the stories were reported in the notoriously liberal media, and that when gunned down, Leila Hussein was with two women’s activists that were attempting to smuggle her into Jordan… So that answers the specious rhetorical interrogatives concerning the whereabouts of the feminists, commies, etc.

But what of Geller’s other salient question that she repeats with increasing frustration in her post:
“Is this what we spent all out blood and treasure for?”

So it would seem. And how’s that working out for you?

Well, not to worry, another fellow-traveling loon has the answer: perpetual occupation.

Considering that the authorities turned a blind eye to this incident, it’s more than a little difficult to see how this would offer any kind of solution to the problem of women’s rights in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, but since when did the winguts ever make sense about anything?