Saturday, May 24, 2008

In God’s Name (Part 2)

The program encounters Stephen Green, the leader of a small but highly outspoken U.K. fundamentalist group called Christian Voice, a self-described “prophetic ministry” that demonstrates against Islam (that it maintains is the work of Satan), homosexuality, abortion, and various “unrighteous laws” that it feels have contributed to Britain’s societal decline since World War II.

Having reluctantly granted an interview following the group’s successful effort in helping close down the production of Jerry Springer – The Opera, Green is “blessed” by a passing seagull. While away from the camera washing his shirt, he decides that the bird poo was a message from God telling him not to participate in the program. (Not to worry though, he shows up again in later installments…)

We also meet Andrea Williams, the hyperactive dynamo behind the newly invigorated Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship, a more influential group that seeks to affect public policy on issues such as abortion and ultimately to “radically transform this nation for Christ’s purposes.”