Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super Chickens!

Gutless Douchebags

When the going gets tough… the shiftless recreants of the right get busy — moderating anything displeasing out of existence, deleting comments or even flushing whole posts down the memory hole.

Perhaps no one has expressed the spineless creed of these misologistic douchebags better than the ever-dissembling “Conservative” spinner and aspiring fabulist Sandy “Crock-o-the-Matter”:

“Some comments have been deleted so as not to get involved in any discussion with anti-conservative bloggers who seem unsettled by these accomplishments [sic]. While I enjoy a good debate, I will not get dragged into someone’s else’s problem with the Harper government record. Instead, I would suggest that visitors go to the government and mainstream media sources I have used.”

There you go folks. Contradictory FACTS and reality-based information is your “problem” and Sandy will have nothing to do with any of it. So there... Harrumph! Comments that aren’t fulsome endorsements of Sandy’s drossy pack of lies and propaganda will either never see the light of day or will be summarily axed — it’s the “conservative” way.

Update: Responding to some more critical comments about her list of so-called “accomplishments” Sandy writes: “If you want justification on any entry, contact the PMO or CPC or the department that is involved. I have sourced my entry and that is as far as I am going to go in this ‘gotcha’ type of thread.” I have to say that’s the most amazing response I’ve ever heard in light of the fact that it’s rife with easily demonstrable errors and falsehoods… Whatever. As a simple “Canadian citizen who has a blog” it’s rather unimportant I suppose that her credibility and integrity now rate a big, fat ZERO.