Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Selective Vision


So Kate cites a kooky, anti-Zionist diatribe by some inflammatory provocateur at Daily Kos and baldly states: “Scratch a leftist… You’ll find an anti-Semite.”

Somehow though she seems to willfully ignore the fact that more than 94% of respondents to the poll attached to the diary entry think that the writer is a shameful, moronic, anti-Semitic turd.

It’s difficult to see how the writer — one “Neo Libertas” — can be described as a “leftist” in any sense of the word. If anything, based on his cross-post at a site called “The Truth Shall Set You Free” he seems much closer in orientation to the extreme right, crackpot John Birchers and Libertarians. In fact, the writer states: “Yoo-hoo. It’s up at DKos. waits for the wave of indignation from historically challenged Ziotards and finally an autoban.”

Well, nice try, Kate. I’m sure all your slack-jawed minions will nevertheless happily assert that your baseless smear against all liberals is indeed the truth, without, as usual, ever letting the pesky “facts” of the matter get in the way of things.

By the way, I wonder what kind of hostile feedback and negative polling Kate would receive from her readers in response one of her own (or Kathy Shaidle’s) hateful screeds against the swarthy Mooslims if a similar kind of poll were attached to her post. Just a thought…