Monday, March 31, 2008

The Conservative “Fortress of Knowledge”

Fortress of Stupidity

Who knew such a thing existed? Oh sure, they’ve got a super-sophisticated, high-tech “war room” but an actual “Fortress of Knowledge”… Wow!

Anyway... Would-be “New Conservative” superhero Marc-André Mongeon (a more wonderfully nefarious, deliciously villainous name one couldn’t possibly invent) channels the thoroughly evil, morally bankrupt spirit of Grover Norquist to extol “The brilliance of the GST cut”…

“…governments, particularly those more prone to the tax-and-spend mentality, unless willing to re-up the GST or risk going into a deficit, will be forced to focus on core federal responsibilities and let social policies, including the fiscal room to innovate, to the provinces.”

There you go… The asinine, economically unsound, irrational GST cut is an anti-federalist policy. Brought to you courtesy of the same folks who support states, err, I mean, provincial rights.

Exciting Explosion Activator feature — some assembly required.