Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Whence then is evil?

As I’ve said before, here and elsewhere, I have no patience whatsoever for the Human Rights Commission or the absurd “hate speech” legislation that they and other such institutional bodies are mandated to enforce. Still, I can’t seem to work up a furious sense of righteous indignation about them as seems to be the case with many of our “Conservative” friends for some reason. I wonder why? Well, for starters, maybe it’s because I’m the sort of person who’s disinclined to trash the millions of working poor as “lazy lowlifes” that Kathy Shaidle apparently presumes might be tempted to file scads of discrimination complaints based on their “social condition” (whatever the heck that might be) in order to underwrite the purchase of “…even more lottery tickets, beer, smokes and potato chips” on her dime.

Whatever. But if Five Feet of Bowel Obstruction® really believes this to be the case, then doesn’t that argue, as Liberal spokesbot Scott Reid did much to his misfortune, for the virtue of a state-run early childcare system rather than just doling out a small allowance to parents (or as she calls them “random human being generators”) each month?

Update: Behold the charity of the Prolapsed Catholic — “What? It’s bad to hate poor people now??!! Sheesh.” Are you surprised in the least that this shrill cow and self-loathing welfare queen hates the poor? This is the tragic face of today’s “conservatism” it seems.