Friday, April 4, 2008

The Neverending Irony

Oh, those poor “Conservative” dears…. It seems their delicate feelings are hurt that Bob Fife pointed out the completely obvious on the CTV News last night when he said there were some “knuckledraggers” in the CPoC which is part of the reason Harper has such a restrictive communication policy when it comes to members of his caucus (what some refer to as “gagging” them).

And how do the readers over at SDA express their righteous indignation at Fife’s so-called “bigotry”? By calling him (and others in the dreaded “MSM”): a buffoon; a living corpse; shysters; masturbators; trash; hypocrites; liars; and so on. Many demand not only an apology for his “outrageous” and “dehumanizing” epithet, but also that Fife be fired from his job as well. Others suggest complaining to CTV’s sponsors in an effort to get them to pull their advertising. Notorious troll “John West” chimes in with: “I’ll bet that little shit Fife has never kissed a girl.”

No wild overreaction there.

Update: On the same wavelength it seems. Selective political correctness — how true.