Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spectrum of Conservatism: “Natural Selection” Edition

Getting Things Said

Another edifying response to Bob Fife’s “outrageous” and “dehumanizing” remarks the other night:

Call it natural selection! I’m game for that……Why are we forced to pay against a successfully strong conservative way of thought and opinion? They have unprotected gay sex or use dirty needles or can’t balance a mortgage and it’s our fucking problem??? Enough of these useless turds on society go to hell worm meat (in the most vile Christian sense of the term I could imagine). Bite me you useless, pathetic creatures that natural selection would have cleansed the planet from long ago, saved only by conservative societies construction and then neglect of reason through comfort and complacency!

Again I hope I don’t offend and come across as insensitive to the useless lefty drags on humanity, but die and go away pleeeeease.

Africa is lost to humanity regardless of how much of my money you pump into its illiterate, cannibalistic dictatorships, you fucking assholes!

Today’s “Conservatives”… compassionate, civil and morally superior. At least so they keep telling me. Go figure.