Friday, April 4, 2008

The Spectrum of Conservatism (with updates!)

Today’s “Conservative” Party. What a fine bunch of folks.

Please, do tell us more about that “civility” thing...

Update: Hmmm. On a semi-related note, this is an interesting comment from Kate McMillan:

“Could the butt kissers please ply on something other than my posterior? I get that you support the letter and I thank you, but this whole matter has caused me to question my loyalty to anyone within the so called ‘right’. My readers offer support, but how am to know they won’t be the one's who throw me to the wolves tomorrow? Expect less frequent posting as I'm rather disillusioned at the moment.”

There you go, all you sycophantic, flying monkeys… You’re just potentially treacherous “butt-kissers”. Heh. Too funny. The comment has since been deleted, but you can look at a screen grab here.

Update2: And the “Conservative” reaction? Of course it’s all just a big joke to them. What’s new?

Update3: Irony gets thrown to the wolves. And again...

Update4: Hold the phone... Apparently I’ve been had! According to Kate, the comment was made by someone masquerading as her (or channeling her…). If indeed that’s the case, I apologize for the mistaken assumption and jumping to the wrong conclusion on that basis.