Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Irony… Where is thy sting?

You have to love the idea of a new website that caters to “angry journalists” and encourages them to anonymously vent their spleens about “what’s making you upset at your journalism job” given that a good number of the axes they’ve got to grind are aimed squarely at various aspects of the Internet. “Angry Journalist #241” is fairly typical:

I’m angry because my company, just like the rest of the industry, wants me to do more with less. They’ve said, “To hell with quality. Let’s just fill the website with as much shit as possible.”

The usual suspect wheels out her mortified dino graphic to illustrate the presumed demise of the “mainstream media” — Yawn. Of course, the REAL irony is that uppity proponents of the so-called “new media” would be almost completely bereft of substantive content if not for the endless fodder freely provided by actual journalists that’s then exploited for the purposes of deconstruction and critical analysis by these pretentious twats. (And yes, the recursive nature of the irony of me commenting on them remarking about the MSM isn’t lost on me…)