Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama on Fox News Sunday (Beginning & End)

Follow the links for parts two and three of the interview. And from the subsequent panel, here’s the unctuous Bill “Wrong About Everything” Kristol with his patronizing remarks:

Yes, it was an eloquent and attractive performance, but pretty substance-free, I would say.

I think if you had Hillary Clinton on — and I hope we do have her on again soon — for 36 minutes, she would give you lots of particular reasons why she should be president of the United States, and John McCain shouldn’t, or even why Barack Obama shouldn’t. And they would have to do with tax policy, and health care, and foreign policy and the like.

You know, he’s too laid back to actually get into these boring details, I guess, so we’re supposed to like him. And he's a likable man. But I really wonder how that wears.

Urgh. Gee, Bill if the interview was “substance-free” whose fault was that… Chris Wallace’s maybe? Man, what a disingenuous creep.