Wednesday, April 30, 2008

“Support the Troops” v. Reality

This is completely astounding, not to mention disgusting.

The Pentagon budget last year was almost half a trillion dollars, the U.S. is paying contractors three-quarters of a billion dollars to build their new mega embassy in Baghdad. Contractors are being paid hundreds of millions of dollars to “rebuild” Iraq — part of that includes constructing new Iraqi military bases and refurbishing old ones. Meanwhile, the rear detachments are forced to scramble as a result of a father’s outrage to make soldiers’ barracks in the United States minimally livable.

Let’s hope the same kind of nonsense isn’t going on here in Canada.

“We let our soldiers down… No excuse.” — Brigadier General Dennis Rogers*

*Rogers is Director of Operations and Facilities for Installation Management Command (the guy who's responsible for maintaining barracks throughout the U.S. Army).