Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hopefully, not an omen…

Via the Silent Patriot: Waters’ biggest prop was an inflatable pig the size of a school bus that emerged while he played a version of “Pigs” from 1977’s capitalism critique, “Animals.”

The pig, which was led above the crowd from lines held on the ground, displayed the words “Don’t be led to the slaughter” and a cartoon of Uncle Sam wielding two bloody cleavers. The other side read “Fear builds walls.”

The underside of the pig simply read “Obama” with a checked ballot box alongside.

As Waters drew the song to a close, flame bursts exploded on the sides of the stage and the swine floated into the night sky. Waters said sadly and comically, “That’s my pig.”

The performance also included speaker towers placed around the outside of the crowd. Smoke machines funneled across the stage and over the audience, thickening the atmosphere.

Note: It seems remains of the pig was found in tatters by two couples who will share the $10,000 reward offered by festival organisers on Waters’ behalf.

Update: I have to say that the symbolism involved here (aside from the pig going astray and ending up in ruins) for anyone familiar with Animal Farm is incredibly bizarre. What an odd choice to promote Obama. Or not... depending on your point of view, I guess.