Saturday, May 3, 2008

Butt-Ugly Olympic Wear (Made in China)

Brilliant. Given that the Olympics is largely an effort that traffics heavily in the sentiments of national pride, wouldn’t common sense dictate that the contract for Team Canada’s Olympic wear be granted to domestic manufacturers irrespective of whatever minor cost differential is involved? And who approved this preposterous design? Up close, the pattern looks quite intriguing, but the overall effect is busy to say the least, and as the old fuddy on the street says: “loud” — how un-Canadian.

Update: Tu Ly, one of the designers of the HBC Olympic wear thinks it’s “quite funny” that MPs have turned it into a political issue. “I would like to challenge these politicians to give up their cell phones made in China or their TVs, then maybe they’d really be on an even plane.” Um, no. To maintain that position completely fails to acknowledge the symbolic dimension of the enterprise which seems fantastically dim, even for a fashion designer.