Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stephen Harper: On “Negative Advertising”

Above is Harper responding to a documentary filmmaker back in March about the topic of “negative advertising” wherein he equivocates in response to the question concerning whether such ads are effective. After stating that his criterion for the effectiveness of ads is that they be “truthful and relevant to voters” he goes on to provide an example of those that he thinks aren’t: “Let’s say an ad pokes fun of [sic] a leader’s appearance… or his dress or whatever, it may be truthful, but I don’t think many voters would find it relevant to their concerns in terms of casting a ballot.”

So let’s see Mr. Integrity’s principles in action, shall we and ask: Does it make fun of the Liberal leader’s appearance by showing that gormless, shoulder-shrugging picture of Dion that the CPC endlessly recylces?; and, are the allegations about the Liberals hiking the GST to pay for enormous budget-busting promises “truthful” and accurate?