Friday, May 2, 2008

An Irresistible Compulsion to Muzzle

Muzzled Cons

I’m just sayin’…

By the way, doesn’t that cock bear an eerie resemblance to Treasury Board President Vic Toews?

Update: Allow me to expand a little to avoid any possible confusion or misunderstanding here as to who’s who in the zoo…

While Stephen Harper is of course entirely free to implement an inflexible regime of tightly-managed restrictions on his caucus (the potentially destructive “chickens”) when it comes to the way in which they communicate with the electorate, it’s wholly inappropriate to impose a similar standard of politically self-serving circumscription upon the findings or opinions of independent officers of parliament. Such an effort, however well-meaning its intention purports to be or may even perhaps aspire to become, effectively undermines the fundamental autonomy, independence and integrity of such officers whose determinations are bound by the nature of their office to occasionally be at variance with policies and procedures that are necessitated solely or primarily by purely political expediencies of the government of the day.