Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BTs: You Bought It, You Own It

Let’s wrap up this BNP thing by jumping straight to the last part of the series.

Nick Griffin (BNP leader): “If they dared show this event on television, millions of people are going to think… Wow. We thought this was a party of back streets and smoky pubs and lager and the rest of it. Wow.”

It’s my belief that the BNP is pulling the wool over the eyes of many voters in Britain; all the pseudo old-school Labour window dressing about agricultural reform, the environment, law and order, etc., is just a politically correct façade to disguise their real agenda which at its root is nothing more than a manifestation of their virulent, xenophobic racism.

Richard Evans at the laughably named “Let Freedom Reign” website (that I can’t link to because it’s an infringement of his “property”) would have you believe that I’m a fascist and think the Conservative Party here in Canada mirrors the BNP, or as he said: “…there are fascists among us but it’s not the conservatives. It’s people like Red Tory…” And “…you believe the BNP represents Canadian conservatives.”

Well no, I don’t actually think that, but I can’t help but point out that there are some rather disturbing tendencies amongst both “The Blogging Tories” and “Free Dominion” — expressed by some of their leading lights, I might add — that appear to be more than a little sympathetic with the murderously hateful sentiments whispered privately by the BNP. I would sincerely hope that the Right in Canada can manage to get its house in order and excise this sort of malevolent filth from its ranks. Unfortunately, I suspect they won’t be inclined to do so for various reasons that will have to remain open to speculation.

But don’t think for a minute that whenever the next election rolls around, liberals and progressives won’t be quick to remind people of what supporters of the STEPHEN HARPER Party have had to say in the past about sterilization and eugenics for certain “undesirable” elements of society, their advocacy for apartheid with regards to First Nations peoples, their strident denial that anthropogenic climate chance even exits, their ridiculous anti-science positions with respect to evolution and their apparent belief in supernatural miracles; and finally, their relentless, merciless and wholly mean-spirited, disrespectful derision of women, immigrants and the working poor in this country. Oh, and as well, they will most surely mention the fact that Conservative supporters gleefully mocked the Holocaust and enthusiastically supported a deranged “full-time Nazi” promoting the notion of slaughtering homosexuals in the name of God…