Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It seems the definition of this hitherto unknown word “Endophobic” as coined by a certain Marginalized Action Wingnut, is as follows:

“Someone who prefers the ways of others or to be surrounded by others Or doesn’t like Canadians and wants to treat others better.”

Apparently, it’s a painfully lame effort to turn the word “xenophobic” on its head. Whereas the xenophobe suffers from an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers (fear of the “other” or the outside), the “endophobe” allegedly “prefers the ways of others” and by literal translation “fears the inside.”

Well, perhaps in some respects, the shoe fits. I do happen to prefer many characteristics of other countries and cultures to those of my own two native lands. In my whacky moonbat world, this is simply referred to as being “cosmopolitan” and “eclectic” — that however doesn’t in any way preclude the fact that I’m deeply attached to my heritage and reasonably proud of being a Brit and a Canadian.

As for wanting “to treat others better” … well, isn’t that just sort of a slightly amplified Christian imperative… the Golden Rule and all that? Ah, but of course, the author, being a functional illiterate with a computer, can’t simply be taken at his word. What he presumably means by “to treat others better” isn’t at all an uplifting, aspirational or altruistic sentiment as one might be inclined to think, but to the contrary, instead means something along the lines of “to give unwarranted preferential treatment to those who are completely undeserving but for the fact they are non-white.” This attitude it would seem, can be traced back to a minor personal setback on the employment front that the Marginalized Action Wingut experienced 30 years ago and has festered like a boil ever since.

Yawn. How fucking tedious is that?