Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talking to People of Marginal Intelligence…

Over at the LFR loony bin (sorry I can’t link due to property rights issues), “Marginalized Action Dinosaur” takes me to task for calling him a “loon” and stating that his non sequitur assertion about the employment policies of the Bahamas 30 years ago having anything to do with the Canadian experience in terms of social justice, is complete “nonsense.”

Apparently however, my terse response was simply proof of my “lameness” and clear-cut evidence that I’ve got nothing to say on this topic… Yes, I’m a “hapless” dupe of decades-long “socialist propaganda” and “MSM hate propaganda towards white males” that compelled me to “launch into name calling” prompting the marginalized one to ask: “Why is it ok to have hiring based on where you were born in the Bahamas but not in Canada?” If apples and oranges spring immediately to mind after reading that, I can’t say that I blame you.

First of all, I haven’t the slightest clue about the hiring practices of the Bahamian government. According to their Dept. of Labour, they subscribe to the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) which include “the Elimination of Discrimination in the workplace.” Whether that’s actually carried out to the letter in practice is something I can’t possibly be certain of given all I’ve got really got to go by is one anecdote retailed by someone who appears to be disgruntled about some unfortunate past experience in 1980 that may or may not be true.

But never mind that pesky reality stuff, Dino-Action-Guy has the answer: “The only logical conclusion is because RT is a bigot and hates white males if he thinks it’s bad here but good there.” Yes, why of course! The answer is plain as day: I’m a bigot who hates white males. Clearly, that’s the ONLY “logical” conclusion any sentient person could possibly arrive at. Oh, and not to mention that I’m a “fascist” too, at least according to Richard Evans, because… well, I’m not quite sure. Apparently, because I posted a video about British Nationalist racists and suggested that some of the more strident right-wing extremists here in Canada would feel quite at home with those folks.

But back to Dino-Action-Guy, who goes on to lavishly embellish the charge against me… Now I’m not just merely a bigot, but I’m a “socialist endophobic bigot!” I’m completely unfamiliar with the term “endophobic” by the way — it seems to be something of Dino-Action-Guy’s own coinage — but I’m sure it connotes some kind of absolutely wretched perfidy. And why exactly would I be an “endophobic bigot” you ask… Well, because Dino-Action Guy IMAGINED that I said “…we need bigoted hiring ie no males are allowed to apply at public works, but we NEED more boatloads of new Canadians while we have over a million unemployed.” Yes, Dino-Action-Guy made that up out of whole cloth — I never said or even suggested any such thing. In other words, he’s what one might indelicately call, A FUCKING LIAR.

In closing, Dino-Action-Guy calls me a hypocrite based on this pendulous question: “Why do you think it’s ok to be racist towards white males? And that not being racist towards them is loony.” Um, well first of all, I never said that racism of any sort was acceptable (although it’s a subject that could be explored with more nuance and context, vis-à-vis the issue of equity and so-called “affirmative action” — there may conceivably be instances of positive racism). As to the second “point” asking why not being racist towards white males is loony… this makes no sense at all to me. Maybe your decoder ring is working better than mine and you can decipher this. It’s lost on me.

So, my apologies for boring you with this absurd silliness, but just to recap… I called “Marginalized Action Dinosaur” a “loon” and said his stuff about Bahamian hiring practices was “nonsense”… Seems pretty spot on to me, but that’s just my entirely biased opinion. (Which is probably “endophobic” too!)