Monday, February 25, 2008

The Secret Agent: BNP Exposed - Part 1

With the help of a disgruntled party member, an investigative journalist from the BBC goes undercover with the British National Party (BNP). Disturbing to say the least.

In private conversations, it seems a fair number of them fantasize about mass murder and want nothing more than to “shoot Pakis” (as they indiscriminately refer to any Muslim or person of “Asian” extraction).

And if you feel that some of the more egregious racists from the “Blogging Tories” and “Free Dominion” would be right at home with this lot, you’re probably not far off the mark.

Update: Over at LFR, failed municipal politician, Internet malefactor and all-around witless dunderhead Richard Evans, goes to a great deal of trouble to arrive at a hilariously moronic conclusion, deducing along the way that I am, apparently, a fascist. Uh-huh.

Update2: Here's a laugh and a half. If you click on the link to “Let Freedom Reign” from this site, it’s BLOCKED. Oh, irony where is thy sting? NAMBLA luvin’ Richard Evans, ladies and gentleman… hypocritical douchebag extraordinaire!