Thursday, April 24, 2008

“Canada’s Biggest Mistake” – “Teh Stupid” Take

Before launching into his own ridiculous take on what he sees as “Canada’s Biggest Mistake” (following on the series of columns on that theme published recently by The National Post) The Politic’s Matthew promptly insults all of his readers/commenters at the outset by admitting that usually he’s too busy with more important matters or pressing exigencies to actually read anything they might have to say — which unfortunately for him usually consists of people taking issue with the fact-free, God-bothering rubbish that he posts at The Politic. Nonetheless, he invites other Blogging Tories to let him know if they’re interested in “participating” in his pissy little gripe-fest.

Well, never mind that minor faux-pas. Let’s see what “Canada’s Biggest Mistake” is according to St. Matthew. You may already have guessed from the video I posted. Yes, it’s PUBLIC EDUCATION! According to this pompous, self-righteous twatwaffle, public education is arguably responsible for: Canada’s “poor performance in the world”; a “narcissistic and euthanasia-bent society”; the “crumbling of our ability to govern ourselves”; and so on. As we’ve said here many times before, this is typical of the virulent Canada-hating by our so-called “Conservatives.”

It sounds quite dreadful, but what on earth does the “crumbling of our ability to govern ourselves” even mean… and how is the public school system responsible for this deeply mysterious affliction? Does our school system really inculcate children with a desire to pursue policies of euthanasia? Certainly not that I’m aware of, but hey, what would I know… I’ve only got four grown kids. As for promoting narcissism, I’m sure those engaged in the fields of advertising and marketing, as well as our political leaders and media élites will be tremendously relieved to learn that, contrary to conventional wisdom, they’re in no way responsible for contributing to these unfortunate societal trends. Now they’re off the hook, let’s put the blame back where it belongs: with public school teachers!

And what’s up with this “poor performance in the world” bullshit? The last time I checked, our rates of productivity were amongst the highest in the world and by any number of measures Canada is an outstanding, world-class performer in many different respects from tax competitiveness to overall health, well-being and quality of life. Ah, but not in the topsy-turvy world of Matthew it seems where, “the over-bearing and scofflaw unions” (those perfidious teachers again) “indoctrinate our children year after year.” The horror! Oh, and not only that, but apparently these money-grubbing parasites and their greedy union overlords are also responsible for “the massive debts that our provincial governments have accumulated because they got tangled in the teaching domain in the first place.”

So, what’s Matthew’s alternative to “having big government pay for every little boy and girl’s enlightenment”? Um, well you know that’s the interesting thing… He doesn’t seem to have one at all. Short of pointing to the “sparsely populated elitist, religious and cultural private schools” that he falsely claims “consistently [out-perform] the government systems in the western world” he offers precisely nothing in the way of a comprehensive alternative solution. And yet, he suggests that by simply abolishing the public education system and presumably letting the chips fall where they may, “We’d become the new Japanese,” But of course, being the completely dishonest hack and profoundly ignorant retard that he is, Matthew fails to note (or perhaps may simply not be aware of) the fact that 99% of elementary schooling in Japan is public with that figure dropping slightly to 95% at the secondary level. So, if our aim is emulate the Japanese, we seem to have a serious logical problem here in asserting that somehow public education is the root of all evil.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a case of Matthew being an ignorant fool; it’s entirely typical of the “Blogging Tories” and, the “Conservative” Party in general. These folks are mighty quick to demonize “big government” as the cause of all problems and to feverishly decry this or that factor as being directly responsible for various societal aspects they passionately HATE about Canada, but they have precious little to offer in the way of viable, practicable alternatives. Rather than attempting to improve the system or address existing problems in a meaningful or substantive way, they’d rather just break it altogether, pitch it in the scrap heap, and then allow “the market” to work its ineffable magic — this apparently is their idea of a “solution” more often than not, but of course it’s incredibly remote from being anything of the sort. Is it any wonder that so many of these vacuous, intellectually lazy idiots also believe in the supernatural and despise science and rational thought?

Seeing as Matthew doesn’t read anyone’s comments as a rule, I suggest we all return the favour and not read his fatuous postings in future. I’m sure we’ve all got better things to do than waste time on such arrogant, howling stupidity.

Update: As if further proof of the profound idiocy running amuck at The Politic, behold contributor Charles confessing for the record that “I genuinely believe the world is 10,000 years old AND I believe in natural selection. I just do not believe we come from apes.” Good grief. I’d venture to guess that he didn’t learn THAT nonsense in public school.