Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eres Lo Que Lees

I saw the story about this conceptual artwork earlier in the day over at CC’s place and had a mild chortle over it. Funnily enough though, Ben Stein’s commentary on CBS Sunday Morning this week was about the pet animals that are often overlooked and sometimes abandoned under harsh conditions in the wake of financial setbacks being experienced by many Americans. To the surprise of some perhaps, he made an impassioned plea for a small amount of the taxpayers’ money on behalf of “the absolutely most innocent victims of the housing mortgage bubble — the dogs and cats abandoned by owners fleeing their foreclosed homes or homes they can no longer afford.” It’s extremely doubtful of course that any of the quite worthy suggestions that Stein proposed will receive the slightest bit of funding whatsoever. So in a sense, it proves the point Vargas was making about the hypocrisy of those who profess to be so compassionate about the welfare of animals; the stingy mooks at SDA and numerous others who were duped by this artful hoax being a case in point.