Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wingnuttia in Excelsis

Canadian Cynic posted again about this right-wing religious wingnut today and invited readers to click through to his website to discover how “completely bugfuck crazy” he is. Hardly an exaggeration as it turns out. Take this suggestion he’s contemplating if elected to Congress (which surely won’t happen):

I’m considering discussing divorce aids and my plans for a “Derrenger’s for Dildos” policy to put guns in American women’s hands instead of divorce aids. Presently, when a criminal is arrested for a weapons crime, the prosecutors seek orders to destroy those weapons. What a waste! Put our criminal prisoners to work modifying those guns to be smart-guns that can only be fired when the female owner is holding it so that children don’t hurt themselves and so that criminals can’t use them (unless they use the woman’s hand). When a women turns in her stash of divorce aids, then give her a free gun to defend America when the jihadists follow us home.

Yikes! Where do you even begin with something like that?