Friday, April 25, 2008

The “Conservative” Party: Bloodthirsty Sharks


Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the analogy. Actually, it comes directly from one of the most rabidly fanatical supporters of the “Conservative” Party who’s apparently quite delighted to compare this witless collective of flabby, slavering douchebags to the “godless, rampaging killing machines” of the deep. It seems that falsely smearing Liberal MP Marlene Jennings, notwithstanding the fact that Elections Canada spokesman John Enright has already said that her campaign expenses have been reviewed and approved by the agency, is all just a routine part of the sleazy, malicious “counterattack” envisaged to shift attention away from the CPC’s own alleged malfeasance.

Update: Oh, according to the “Trusty Tory” it seems the Gomery Commission was nothing but a “charade”… So let me translate this for you. If the Liberals throw open something to a complete public inquiry into alleged wrongdoings by their party, it’s a just a sham. But if the “Conservatives” stonewall, obfuscate, run, hide, scurry down the back stairs, blame everyone and their dog for their scheming clusterfuck gone awry, then make wild, unsubstantiated charges about a vast nefarious liberal media conspiracy attempting to unfairly demonize them, it’s called “accountability” and “leadership”… Allrightee then. Glad we could straighten that out!