Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Harperites We Know…

I ran across this old chestnut from 2004. Ha! All that vague fear-mongering by the Liberals back then was quite unfounded as it turns out. Who knew the real Achilles Heel for this government would be what should by all rights have been its strongest suit: accountability and transparency?

To that end, here for your delight and edification, is a clip from Charles Adler’s radio program: Tory MP tries to spin Adler... but he spins outNow I’m no fan of Adler (remember the infamous “Coke bottle up the ass” picture?), but this cross-examination of Poilievre is quite delightful. At one point Adler remarks, “This is embarrassing…”


h/t: Steve @ Far & Wide (And the laughs just keep coming. I hadn’t seen this post by Steve when I wrote my remarks about accountability. Ready-made satire... how sweet.)

“We’ve done some stuff that’s not really problematic, but it’s not something I’d necessarily want Elections Canada or reporters getting their hands on” — Anonymous CPC Official