Monday, April 21, 2008

“It just doesn’t seem to go anywhere…”

Ain’t it the truth?

“New evidence indicates the boring, meaningless, repetitive plot is snuffing out Canadians’ interest in politics. After two years of Tom and Jerry hijinks, an Ipsos Reid poll for Canwest News Service/Global National shows the support for Liberals and Conservatives is virtually unchanged.”

“Muddier and Muddier Update”: Apparently, it seems that according to some nutcases, we live in a dictatorship run by Elections Canada and the Liberals!!! Awwwwkkkkk!!!!

“Who are the Liberals going to use next? Where is their next mole hidden? Dirty politics, the only thing Liberals know how to do well.”

It’s a vast conspiracy!!! It’s all a nefarious, sinister, criminal plot, hatched by those nasty, perfidious Lieberals and their complicit media goons!!!

I can hardly wait for “Trusty Tory” to weigh in on the matter with his usual sober, objective judgment…