Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bill on Bill Action

O’Reilly and Shatner… Geez, how’d they find a room big enough for those two egos?

I love the way Bill O finishes the interview, basically saying he didn’t have time to read the book. What a surprise.

And speaking of Bills, pay close attention to the crawl on this clip (usually I ignore them completely, but this caught my eye for some reason). Note where it says “SEN DEMS BLOCK BILL BY AZ SEN. JOHN MCCAIN THAT WOULD INCREASED COLLEGE AID FOR VETERANS.” Now, if that isn’t the biggest load of baloney, ever. It made me do a double-take considering McCain opposed the G.I. Bill that eventually passed by a landslide despite Bush’s veto. Turns out what that referred to is the alternative bill proposed by McCain, along with Sen. Lindsay Graham and Sen. Richard Burr that offered less generous educational benefits than Sen. Webb’s bill and applied only to those troops who’d served 12 years or more. Hey, it’s not called “Faux News” for nothing, folks.