Sunday, June 8, 2008

Conservative “Family Values”

A Tale of Two Wives

Hmmm. Makes you wonder how different things might be if Barak Obama was divorced…Especially if let’s say that he’d cheated on his first wife after she was badly disfigured in a horrific car accident and then had unceremoniously dumped her and his first three kids in favour of a former rodeo beauty queen — that also just happened to be the heiress to a politically well-connected, multi-millionaire beer distributor.

Well, maybe it wouldn’t matter. After all, it didn’t seem to be a factor when the former Republican Speaker of the House pressed his first wife for a divorce during the time she was in hospital recovering from cancer surgery. It didn’t seem to bother “conservatives” that he too was an adulterous womanizer that cheated on his second wife and even had sex with an intern! It also didn’t seem to matter when the great “conservative” hopeful Fred Thompson ran for the nomination — yes, he was also an adulterous womanizer who dumped his first wife in favour of an attractive, upwardly mobile young blonde.

I’m not quite sure how this all ties into the vaunted “family values” that the righteously moral, so-called “conservatives” never tire of lecturing everyone about, however. A bit confusing that.