Monday, June 9, 2008

Yoo-hoo… Boycott the Blob! (Updated)

Boycott Esso

For whatever it’s worth, I wasn’t being entirely unserious when I suggested boycotting Esso yesterday. Of course, it’s not just Esso/Exxon; the Conservatives’ new “gas trick” negative advertising campaign at the point-of-sale isn’t limited to just that company, but apparently involves many other gas retailers utilizing high-tech pumps incorporating video monitors, most of which are located in southern Ontario.

Well, the “cosmopolitan elites” (yes, that’s what the “Conservatives” contemptuously refer to many of you as behind your backs)… can make a statement with their pocketbooks on this matter by simply refusing to patronize stations involved in this ad campaign for as long as they feature the Tories’ yammering oil blob.

In the absence of the opportunity to express themselves at the polls, it’s way that the more than 60 percent of Canadians who don’t support the STEPHEN HARPER Party and who feel their misguided, multibillion dollar corporate welfare energy policy and fraudulent, do-nothing environmental program is going down the wrong track can signal their displeasure at the government’s latest insult to their intelligence.

Update: It seems that Paul Wells is putting together some kind of registry, so let him know if the Tories’ ad campaign comes to your local station. Additionally, I guess you can give them an earful, although it might be somewhat unfair to dump on a lowly clerk.

Update2: “I want gas, not hot air.” Heh. Good one.