Monday, June 9, 2008

Speaking of Satire…

It’s sort of an art form — some people just don’t seem to quite have the hang of it. Others, sadly, miss the boat completely.

By the way, I’d just like to note that this is third time I’ve posted the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song on this blog and it hasn’t cost me a dime. Bite me, Dolores.

Same But Different Update: So, CTV has purchased the rights to the iconic ditty for an undisclosed amount. Bravo! Otherwise, GlobeMedia says that “it was headed for obscurity”… Really? Would Canada’s “second anthem” have been inevitably doomed to simply “fade away” as claimed? No, of course not — what nonsense. However, it’s great to know that “It will still be the same music but it will be a different arrangement. It will be exactly the same tune.” Uh-huh.