Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mark Steyn Interview (Part 2)

From his appearance on The Michael Coren Show (guest hosted by Tim Denis) several weeks ago when he was promoting his book America Alone. A number of other blogs (here and here, for example) have previously posted these videos, but in all cases it seems their links have since gone dead (due to “terms of use violation” whatever that means).

Now, I know that many regular readers/viewers probably despise Steyn for one reason or another — he’s certainly not my cup of tea — but his opinions are a least worth giving a listen to, especially in light of all the controversy they’ve aroused through his “show trial” before the Human Rights Commission.

So, check it out if you’re interested, or just ignore it if you’ve already got Steyn’s number and don’t care to listen to his message.

Oh, by the way, not sure where Part 1 of this interview is… that’s why it starts at #2.