Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kooky Like You

Joanne’s Bizarro World

It’s not difficult to grasp the depth of the mental dysfunction amongst The Blogging Tories but some days it’s easier than usual. To wit, this morning we have the sorry spectacle of “Joanne” (aka “Blue Like You”) — a morally sanctimonious and deeply dishonest woman of breathtaking inanity — scurrilously suggesting that disgraced MP Maxime Bernier’s former girlfriend stole the infamous NATO briefing documents that were left at Julie Couillard’s house for several weeks, apparently as an act of “revenge” because “she felt the relationship was threatened.” This crackpot notion is based on nothing more than her own vague suspicion of nefarious doings afoot and the equally baseless speculation of an anonymous “source” cited in the Globe & Mail who claims that Bernier “doesn’t know if he forgot them or if it’s her who would have taken them.” Apparently, it never occurs to any of these reckless dimwits and malicious character assassins that, aside from being a completely ridiculous hypothesis, it’s wholly irrelevant.

Nevertheless, let’s momentarily entertain this silly notion for the sake of argument. Even supposing that the files were stolen by Couillard — which would be a criminal offense — how would this mitigate in any way Bernier’s irresponsible behaviour in allowing the NATO briefing papers to be so easily pilfered from his care by his former girlfriend in the first instance and then, to make matters worse, to have subsequently neglected their whereabouts for several weeks owing to a complete loss of memory and/or total lack of administrative oversight?

But wait… the plot thickens with even more conceivable perfidy brewing deep within the febrile imagination of “Joanne” who then goes on to wonder: “Or could it have been a plan carried out by Couillard with the aide [sic] of some Liberal-supporting, disenchanted bureaucrats within Foreign Affairs?” Hmmm. Indeed. Why it’s assumed the sinister “bureaucrats within Foreign Affairs” hatching this execrable scheme would necessarily be “Liberal-supporting” is anyone’s guess — it’s certainly unsupported by the slightest bit of evidence whatsoever. But since when are logic, facts, evidence, or credible sources needed to fuel the wild speculations of “Joanne” and her ilk?

Things really hit a nadir of insanity in the comments when inveterate right-wing troll and Canadian Blue Lemons contributor “Mary T” weighs in with her own harebrained theories on the matter. “I think many of us suspected something like this from the beginning, and if the msm hadn’t jumped so fast the truth would probably have come out much sooner,” she states. I dare you to decipher the deeply retarded thought-process that permits such an utterly ludicrous conclusion to be arrived at from the foregoing baseless speculation. How on earth would “the truth” have been revealed had not the incident become subject to intense scrutiny by the press and Opposition critics? By magic? Unfortunately, the dreadful “Mary T” doesn’t really elaborate other than to insist again that “If the msm had done their job instead of gotcha politics, along with the opposition, the truth might have got out.” That’s barely coherent, let alone persuasive. Still, like the other brain-addled harpies that frequent the “Blue Like You” salon, “Mary T” remains hopeful “…just waiting for it to come out that she was involved with some liberal or bloc mp in the past.”

And so it goes with these mentally dysfunctional dissemblers. No facts, no credible sources, and worst of all… no sense of decency whatsoever. Here is “Joanne” who purports to be a “citizen journalist” (and a person of faith) recklessly speculating that Julie Couillard committed a serious crime against the state out of petty revenge and/or that professional civil servants engaged in willful misconduct out of partisan political motivation — all without a single shred of evidence. How can anyone take such people seriously?