Monday, June 30, 2008

Expelled: Flunks Out in Canada

Expelled Exposed

If someone believes in the Tooth Fairy, can they complain about not being taken seriously at dental school? — Jim Slotek, Sun Media Film Critic

As noted here and here, it seems that the crockumentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed was less than a rousing success on its opening weekend in Canada. Total gross for the estimated 30 plus theatres across the country in which it played was a paltry $24,374! One estimate calculates it thusly: 36 movie theatres, at an average of three showings per day for three days would make for 324 total showings, or no more than $24,374 /324 = $75 per theatre, or about 7-8 people per showing. Ouch!

Well, as Stephen Colbert is fond of saying: the free market has spoken…