Sunday, June 29, 2008

Frankly, My Dear… What’s the Point?

N-word Hearts

I know I’ve asked this before, but is there some abstruse “point” being made by Kate McMillan in her weekly posting of overtly racist cartoons from the 30s? The current frolic on offer is “Uncle Tom and Little Eva” — a cartoon that bears the dubious distinction of being even more egregiously offensive than many others of this period in that it fairly revels gleefully and quite unashamedly in the subject of slavery (e.g., the auction block is depicted as stage on which the Negro slaves “perform” for the benefit of the white slave owners and runaways are chased over ice flows by comical bloodhounds).

Are we to presume that these shameful artifacts of the Jim Crow era are being presented for some form of critical discernment by the readers of SDA, or is there perhaps another ulterior purpose guiding the exercise of repeatedly trotting out degrading racial stereotypes from the past?